We all feel this emotion at some point in life. But do you really think that this emotion once fulfilled gives you satisfaction. No, it does not. Revenge is an emotion that takes birth from another emotion called Hatred and remember Hatred is one such emotion that takes away all your peace and trust me Revenge once taken again gives birth to uneasiness in you.

So, the best thing is to let go and forgive those who once wronged you. And for once close your eyes and think that may be somewhere even you might have also done something and even if not, then also still forgive those who holds a negative place in your heart. Even if not immediately but somewhere sometime you will find peace and will be happy. Forgiveness comes from kindness and remember Kindness is the biggest virtue. And this I am saying from my personal experience.

So remember folks no Revenge just Forgiveness!!!

Love, Peace and Kindness.


Published by tripts

Life is an open book... I am just trying to penn down the thoughts that peep in me sometime, whatever I express here is strictly my own and not influenced by anyone. Lot of things I have to say on lot many subjects....

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