Irrfan Khan

What does it mean, Irfan means “Knowledge” “Awareness” and “Learning”. And it is so amazing that this legend perfectly suited his name and glorified its meaning.

I have never been an artist crazy person but this is one such person who has left a deep impact on me not only as an artist but also as a human being. One should learn from him how to be a human being first, rest all other things will fall in place. There are so many things about him that if I start writing about them I would have to write a biography.

I still cannot think him as a dead being, it still feel that he is around. It is fortunate that atleast he acted in movies so atleast we can have a glimpse of him whenever we want. Seeing him never felt like he is an actor, it always felt like some genuine soul is creating a magic. He was a good soul overall. Recently I saw his interview that was taken in 2016 where he was seen arguing with Muftis and Maulanas. His thoughts were bang on. It was how I use to think and always fought with people that not all Muslims are bad. I even got inspired to read Quran and I did.

I really feel sad that such an amazing soul is not between us. Infact I remember during the lockdown when I was in Mumbai last year, I woke up with the news that Irrfan Khan admitted to hospital, and I immediately murmured to myself irritably “Please don’t die I am already in stress, what rubbish is this now”, as that time I was low due to lockdown as I was unable to go to my hometown. And next day the news was everywhere he is no more. My eyes were teary. It happened with no other star who died, infact not even with Sridevi being my favourite. That was also because I never saw him as an actor, for me in my mind it was always like he is a nice human being, though I have never met him and this is one regret with which I will have to live my entire life that I won’t be able to see this amazing soul ever in my life.

I remember whenever there was any movie which starred Irrfan Khan I use to watch it without any second thought. I watched Piku and Lunchbox don’t know how many times. All I can say is will miss you Irrfan Sir. I love you from the bottom of my heart and wish that you always smile as a rising star looking down upon us.

Love and only Love


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